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Old Berthoud Pass trail map.
Mar 18, 2015 near Winter…, CO
Just below Baldy Summit, at the top of what Powder Project calls "Caribou Approach" ascent.
Jan 2, 2021 near Nederland, CO
Trudging up the ridge through wet spring snow. Way in the background, on the left side, sits a few of Boulder's foothills; Sanitas, Flagstaff, and Green Mountain.
Mar 28, 2017 near Winter…, CO
On sunny, dry days, don't forget your favorite balm, lube, or jelly. A true measure of friendship is whether you choose to share.
Mar 20, 2017 near Nederland, CO
John, taking in the view from the traverse between the Home Stretch and the Notch.
May 22, 2016 near Grand Lake, CO
Swimming through snow below the dream lake chutes
Feb 21, 2016 near Estes Park, CO
view of skywalker and south arapahoe peak.
Jun 19, 2023 near Nederland, CO
Looking back at the couloir after skiing it.
Jun 17, 2023 near Grand Lake, CO
Top of the line, the summit to the left offers a few more steeper turns. Dry gulch is below, and Torrey/Grays are the tall pks (horizon right)..
May 4, 2022 near Keystone, CO
Skinning up the Watrous approach.
Apr 19, 2022 near Georgetown, CO
Skinning the EF of Machebeuf.
Apr 19, 2022 near Georgetown, CO
Made it to the top!
Nov 5, 2020 near Centennial, WY
Looking up from Lake Agnes.
Mar 15, 2020 near Grand Lake, CO
Riding down Corner Pocket, you can see Broome Hut in the background and the top of Panoramic lift at Winter Park on the far ridge.
Jan 2, 2019 near Winter…, CO
Marking the location of Smoke and Dragons relative to Dead Elk and Dragon Tail
May 19, 2018 near Grand Lake, CO
Hagues Peak and The Saddle pose for a photo from halfway up Mt. Fairchild's North East Slope.
May 14, 2017 near Estes Park, CO
Making the final push to the back bowl above Upper Crater Lake. Almost directly on top of the Moffat Tunnel with Rogers Pass and Winter Park across the Continental Divide to the west.
Mar 28, 2017 near Winter…, CO
Shoshoni, Apache, and Navajo Peak (right to left) stand in the distance along the Pawnee Pass Trail.
Mar 20, 2017 near Nederland, CO
The open meadow.
Feb 14, 2017 near Centennial, WY
Sunrise ski at Caribou Hill.
Dec 8, 2016 near Nederland, CO
Skiing the top part of Otis Couloir
Apr 12, 2016 near Grand Lake, CO
Consistently good early season pow.
Apr 3, 2015 near Grand Lake, CO
Plenty of fun stumps to jump off of.
Apr 3, 2015 near Grand Lake, CO
Can't complain about the view.
Mar 11, 2015 near Winter…, CO
Looking back up Skullbite area. The North chutes of Mt. Russell can be seen to the right.
Mar 5, 2015 near Winter…, CO
Facing SE on Baldy's skirt line, Klondike Mtn behind Eric. Good snow if you follow the ridge glades down (straight back in photo) or go down lookers left from the top(the mapped Klondike decent line). In between is blown patchy usually
Feb 26, 2019 near Nederland, CO
Looking down from top of Skywalker
Apr 16, 2015 near Nederland, CO
Top of Klondike facing north, towards the Arapahoe Peaks. Head this way, ride the saddle down keeping left if you want to ascend the opposite ridge on Bald Mtn, veering right to go back into the drainage (skin track back)
Feb 25, 2019 near Nederland, CO
Dropping into the Corral Couloir on a May, 2007 descent with the cornice near its maximum instability. Photo by Eli Helmuth.
Apr 14, 2017 near Grand Lake, CO
Skiing down the bottom part of Dead Elk.
Apr 6, 2016 near Grand Lake, CO

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