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Caribou Approach
Nederland, CO Apr 17, 2017
Caribou Approach Nederland, CO
Apr 17, 2017
Notes: 2h 30m : w/ JD, quick lap with Nala. Got nearly shot at the parking lot
Dragontail Couloir
Very Difficult
Grand Lake, CO Apr 16, 2017
Dragontail Couloir Grand Lake, CO
Very Difficult
Apr 16, 2017
Notes: 4.5 mi — 4h 30m : w/ CH, went 2/3 up couloir since didn't have gear (and my 1st). Ate lunch at the lake.
Arapaho Lakes
Winter Park, CO Jan 17, 2016
Arapaho Lakes Winter Park, CO
Jan 17, 2016
Saint Mary's Glacier (approach)
Central City, CO Nov 7, 2015
Saint Mary's Glacier (approach) Central City, CO
Nov 7, 2015
Notes: Sunny day, no wind