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Average & Max Slop Calculation incorrect

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Ryan Nevius · · Estes Park, CO · Joined Dec 2010 · Points: 291

How is the average/max slop being calculated for the descents on this site? I ask because they are dangerously inaccurate. One example would be the Terrain Park in RMNP, which actually has a max slope between 30 and 35 degrees (i.e. avalanche terrain). PowderProject is showing this line to have a max slope of 19 degrees (way off). 

Tom Robson · · Boulder, CO · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 725

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the message. At present slope is being calculated using the rise/run between gps points. We automatically make the data more granular than any GPS unit (add points between known points) and get slope that way. Avg. slope is calculated exactly as you'd expect; it's the avg. of those numbers. And max slope is calculated using the max of those numbers.

The main constraint here is that our data may not be granular enough to calculate slope accurately. I'm talking with our engineering team to see what we can do to make these numbers more accurate.


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