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Skiing Ford Canyon
Dec 31, 1969 near Farmington, UT
This is what the snow can be like if you catch Kenny Peak in good condition.  Ignore the bad skiing.
Dec 31, 1969 near Woods C…, UT
A ski run into Rocky Basin is shown, then a short run along Session's Ridge, then the Kenny Bowl run to finish.
Dec 31, 1969 near Woods C…, UT
My horrific skiing at the head of Baer Canyon.  It's a good video to watch if you're having trouble sleeping.
Mar 15, 2022 near Fruit H…, UT
This is what happens when you're timing is off.  I suppose, however, that crappy skiing is better than getting caught in a wet-slide.
Apr 14, 2020 near Woods C…, UT
Can't get anyone to ski with me.  I wonder why.
Mar 7, 2020 near North S…, UT

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