Frequently Asked Questions about Powder Project

What's the difference between Featured Ski Lines and Ascents?

A Ascent is just a single trail as you would find on a traditional map. A Featured Ski Line is a complete, recommended route that might include parts or all of several trails and maybe even a portions of roads to connect them. More information and examples

Why don't you have my local trails?

Nobody in your area has shared them yet! All the data on Powder Project is created by skiers like you. Sharing your photos, ski lines, and ascents is a bit of work, but it's fun and rewarding — your name will be forever listed on the site next to the things you share, and you'll earn points on the site as well. Also, a generation of skiers will benefit from and appreciate your work.

Powder Project started in the spring of 2013 and we're adding data as fast as we can.

How do I add a Featured Ski Line or Ascent?

Our Mapping Guidelines have full details.

How do I easily make a Trail from one of my Featured Ski Lines?

  1. Click the 'Share Your Trails' button on the home page.
  2. Click the 'Create a Ski Line or Trail' button.
  3. Choose to 'Create a Trail'.
  4. Select your Ski Line from the drop-down and create a trail from it.
  5. Shorten the GPS track so that it covers a single trail using the 'Crop Route' slider tool. (Refer to the list of 'Tips' at the top of the page for help on other line adjustments.)
  6. In the event that your Ski Line does not use the entirety of a trail, you might be able to 'draw' in the unused portion based on one of the map layers. If that's not an option, map what you can and let us know it's incomplete when you submit.
  7. Fill out all of the descriptive elements, save, and submit when ready. The writing for the Trail can often be copied and pasted from that part of this Ski Line (if you added enough details in the description).

Is this really all free?

Yes, everything is completely free. We have no plans to charge for access to detailed data, maps, GPX downloads, or the mobile apps.

How are you different from Strava, Garmin Connect and other mapping sites?

Powder Project is a guide. We want you to find Ascents and Featured Ski Lines that you'll love, so we provide detailed descriptions, photos, maps, and mobile apps to keep you on the trail. While we have checkins and other social features, Powder Project is less about competition and more about enjoying the sport and finding new places to love.

When you record data, you have the right to post it anywhere you want, so if you use another site like Strava or Garmin Connect, feel free to also share your trails on Powder Project.

How are trails rated?






Extremely Difficult: rocky; extremely steep; falls could be unstoppable and deadly